HifiBerry Digi+ use coax AND Toslink



I'm new here, but have been using HiFiBerry Digi+ transformer version for quite some time.


I am thinking about adding a second DAC to my setup. My present DAC (an MHDT Stockholm v2) is connected to the Digi+ through a coaxial cable, while my second DAC (a Schiit Modi Multibit) would be connected to the Digi+ through an optical/Toslink cable. Both DAC's would be connected to my Mapletree Audio LR1 line router, so as to select between the two inputs/outputs.


My question is this: How would the Digi+ react to these two connections (coax and optical) - as in: Would it in any way degrade sound quality to have coax and optical connected at the same time?


Thanks for any help!




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