HiFi Berry Amp+ with official 7 touchscreen GPIO conflict?

I have a PI3 with Amp+ and the official 7inch touchscreen running on max2play.
Amp+ is plugged to RP3 and the touchscreen is connected to SDA/GPIO2/PIN3 ans SCL/GPIO3/PIN5. I did not connect the power PINs because I powered the display separatley. So I do not have any power issues.

When I set everything up, things work just fine. But after making any changes or rebooting, most of the time squeezelite won't start because the Amp+ can not be detected.

Does the display interfere with the Amp+ since GPIO2-3 (pins 3 and 5) are used by Amp+ for configuration or should that just work fine?

Thanks for any hint. Cheers



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