Best product to use in car audio?

Hello guys, I am reaching to all you audiophils (if it is a degrading term I am so sorry) in search of a best way to get noise free sound from a raspberry pi car audio. 

I made two schemes of connecting the passive speakers to the car audio so far and I would like to know which one is better. 

Method A:

Using a 4 channel audio amplifier I would get power to the passibe speakers and then connect via the RCA cables to DAC+ pro which will transform analog sound to digital and vice versa. The problem here is that I would like to know if the sound will be clear enough (from raspberry pi in-build sound chip) or will it make noise?

Method B:

Consists of using an AMP+ from Hifiberry, but the problem is that it is only two channel which means i would need to insert TWO cables into each connector of the amp, thus loosing 2 channels (front and back will be together). However i do not know if such a DIY method is applicable and if it would play sound at all hence I am nudging 2 speakers into one slot. I do not care about loosing front to back since in my opinion it is utterly useless in a car and I only need left and right. One more thing is whether it uses ALL of the pins on RPI3 or can i still use them, because i will be connecting stuff like Raspberry Screen, humidity sensor, IR remote sensor and other stuff that needs some GPIO pins.

I welcome any suggestions or tweaks on how can I do this the best and easiest way.

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