Consequent powering of the HIFIBERRY DIGI+PRO

Hello, Hifiberry-Team!


I've just purchased a Hifiberry Digi+Pro and would like to power it as good as possible.


1) As I need the Toslink-connection also, I will connect seperate regulated 5V to P3. If I now also want to power the Pi separately with an extra regulated 5V-rail, do I have to bend away the 5V-pin (both or only the first?) on the GPIO-header of the Pi, or is there a more elegant way?

2) Is there extra regulation after P3 on the board (I assume it must be in order to feed the toslink transmitter with 3.3V)

3) Is there additional regulation after P5 on the board?


Thanx a lot in advance!

Greetingz, Robert


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