Kodi does not start playing music with hifiberry

Hi together,

when I tell Kodi to play a song it doesn't start.

My configuration:

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 1 GB RAM, Universal Power Supply 2,5 A 5.1V, Hfiberry DAC+PRO.

OSMC 2016.12-1 (kernel: Linux 4.4.27-5-osmc) + Kodi 16.1

Hifiberry is defined as audio-output-device. if i switch to HDMI/Analogue it starts playing, but I hear nothing because no loudspeaker is plugged into the internal audio device.

I used Log Uploader in "MyOSMC". How can I upload my uploadlog.txt?

The main question is: How to teach the system running?

Thanks to all!



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