how to install old DIGI+ on RPi3

Hello all,

I have purchased sometime in 2014 a HiFiBerry Digi+ because I wanted SPDIF output for my raspberryPi B but unfortunately I have never managed to get proper sound out of it. I think it was mostly because of the available software at the time. I think I was using xbmc and there were no drivers at the time. 

Anyway here we are at the very end of 2016 and I got a RPi3 for christmas and I was wondering if my old DIGI+ will work with the shiny new RPi3. Also if any of you could point me to an installation guide, would be awesome! I want to try it on the new Pi and see if I can replace my current Cubox i4pro (these guys are never up to date with any software...)

Happy new year to you all!




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