Pi3, Digi-Pro HW1.2 and LibreElec/Kodi

 I've been using OpenElec as a platform for music streaming to an older amplifier via the pi3's built in headphone jack (converted to RCA).  I'm very happy with it and use Yatse as my android controller.  When I read about HiFiBerry and the DigiPro I thought I could use the optical output on the card to output an optical signal to my amplifier which has an optical input but no HDMI.  This is what I tried to do to get started:

- Downloaded LibreElec 7.0.2 and copied the image to my microSD card.

- Physically installed the Digi-Pro on the GPIO pins (slides on) of my Pi3.

- Plugged in: optical cable, HDMI cable and finally my 2.5A 5v power supply.

- After booting I set up a samba share to my music and while it sorted out the music on my share I used putty to SSH to the box and "mount -o remount,rw /flash" then update the config.txt appending "dtoverlay=hifiberry-digi" as the last line of the file.

- issued reboot from the command line. Upon reboot set the audio output device to "ALSA: Default (snd_rpi_hifiberry_digi S/PDIF)" within Kodi and rebooted again.

- Selected a recently added album for play.

The track seems to load but stays at 0:00 and never advances, the optical cable output does not light up as it should if it were outputting sound (I tried it plugged into my amplifier to same result).

What am I doing wrong (I must have missed an instruction?). What I also found interesting is when I issue a ssh shutdown -h now the optical output lights up red (so I know it's getting current/voltage).

Thanks for any help for this Audio Noob!


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