[SOLVED] DAC+ RPi 3, Volumio 2.0, wifi not connecting

I am new to Raspberry Pi and Hifiberry. I have some limited experience with Linux and wifi.

I used the Hifiberry Installer to get a RPi 3 up and going with Volumio 2.0. I am using the Volumio version of Debian. I am able to get things working pretty well with a wired Ethernet connection to the RPi, but have not been able to get the wifi connection to work.

I have used the Volumio hotspot to enter the correct wifi SSID and password, but the wifi connection is not made after a reboot of the RPi.

I believe this is a solved problem for those who are proficient with the RPi 3 and Linux. 

Can anyone give me some pointers about where to go to read up on wifi on the RPi 3? Any debugging hints? How would you go about diagnosing and solving this problem?

Thanks for any advice!


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