[ADVICE NEEDED] Which ROM installing ?

First of all, nice to meet you all ! I'm a newb in the RasPi. I came there for other purposes and now, I just bought my second RasPi3, this one with a Digi+ attached on it.

My first RasPi is a seedbox and a (mainly) audio Plex server. I'd like to use my second RasPi+Digi as a player linked to my amplifier. I'd like to stream 192/24 FLAC audio to my RasPi+Digi. Everything is over Ethernet.

So why Plex ? Because I like starring, last.fm scrobbling, wan streaming and mobile sync with custom qualities, altogehter. Plex permits that but I'm not sure how I can stream content to my new Pi.

The point is that my RasPi+Digi player needs to be completely headless so I need to remote it with someting like a regular mobile app, in order to browse my library and such. With someting like RasPlex, is it possible to conveniently use the full featured Android/iOS client (connected to the server on my first RasPi) and simply let the server stream HQ audio to the RasPlex ? I'm quite confused.

If it is not the case, which headless software should I install on my new RasPi+Digi client, so as to properly receive a 192/24 FLAC from my RasPI+Plex server, everything remote by a full features app ?

Thanks for your help,



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