DAC+ Standard broken?


yesterday I installed HiFiBerry OS on a Pi 3B+ and a DAC+ Standard (3.5 mm jack version).
Right after the installation I choose a web radio and everything worked as expected.
Today I turned it on again but this time I can listen to only noise and I noticed that a green led is lighted up permanently.
No effect by rebooting or adjusting the volume, the HiFiBerry board is recognized as DAC+/Amp2.
I tried also to turn everything off, wait 30 mins and then turn it on again but with no result, noise from output and green led turned on.
Should I assume that the board is broken?
What could I check?
The Pi 3B+ is connected to the official Raspberry 7" LCD and Pi and LCD have an official Raspberry power adapter (the white one) each one (I mean one for the LCD and one for the Pi itself).
Thank you, regards.




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