Beocreate Toslink IN - crackling when 24/192 ADC is connected

I wanted to connect my turntable with Beocreate v2, so I got an ADC (Swissonic 24/192) and intended to connect it with an optical cable (Toslink).

However, when I do that I get a lot of crackling in the speakers, even if the turntable preamp is not yet connected to the ADC. If I play something on the turntable, the sound is very distorted + the crackling remains.

First I thought that it's probably a faulty optical cable, so I got another one, but with the other cable I get no sound at all.

To test the beocreate toslink input, I tried connecting my TV (probably not 192Hz). This worked fine.

So I've narrowed it down to either a faulty ADC or Beocreate issues with 192Hz.

Should Beocreate work with 192Hz toslink input out of the box or should something be set-up (DSP, jumpers?)

Any other ideas what could be wrong?


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