DAC with B&O Beolink Passive

Hello Daniel,

for my multiroom solution I will use Pi 3 model B with a DAC and B&O Beolink Passive amplifiers with B&O Beovox CX50/100 Speakers.

I would use the DAC2 HD or the DAC2 PRO.

  1. The Beolink Passive needs a >3 VDC input from the audio source to switch the speaker output on.
    Could the analog +5 VDC output pins be used for it?
  2. Could I use the analog output pins also for the audio signal instead of the RCA connectors?
  3. Is there any solution to have an digital input from an iphone lightning connector?
    Otherwise I will have to use Airplay.
    Which means I can just use Lossless instead of Hi-Res Losless.
  4. If just Airplay is used, is there still an audio quality improvement from the DAC2 PRO to the DAC2 HD ?
  5. I d'like to have a fixed power supply instead of the USB-C.
    Could the "5V from Pi" connector also be used to supply the Pi over the DAC, or must always the AAMP60 been used?
  6. Is there also a version of your recommended power supply without a housing for building an all in one device?

Kind regards



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