Beocreate 4 (v1.0.2) - bi-amping and other questions

I have installed the latest HiFiberryOS on Pi 3B + Beocreate 4 with intention to use this set for a stereo setup with a pair of Dynaudio Audience 40.

I find the setup a bit confusing, because the channels on the board are described as CH1, CH0, CH16 and CH17, whereas the channels in the OS are called A, B, C and D. I initially thought that A=CH1, B=CH0, and so on, but this is not true: I connected the stereo loudspeakers to CH16 and CH17, hoping to feed them with 60W stereo, but it occurred that it were A and B channels that were playing. In fact, I am not even sure if I used 60W or 30W output.

Anyway... the output was surprisingly quiet. Even at the maximum volume, with no volume limits (overall and on channels), the sound reached a little-less-than satisfactory level with no chance of getting it any louder. And the loudspeakers were near me, in a small room. I can only hope that I used the 30W terminals and it will be louder on the 60W, when I make the next try...

In such a case... is it possible, safe for the Beocreate and... does it make any sense to bi-amp the loudspeakers? Dynaudio Audience have only one pair of speaker terminals per each loudspeaker, so it's impossible to feed the woofer and the tweeter separately. Thus, bi-amping would be just using the 30W + 60W channels in parallel. If this is safe for the amp and would add a bit of a volume, I would go for it... this is why I'm asking.

Or maybe I overlooked something and the sound can be louder without such tricks?

The last thing is... do I need to use the Raspberry Pi's own power supply when the Beocreate is powered with its PSU? Or the Pi is powered from the Beocreate and does not need its own power supply?



D. Wroblewski


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