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Hi Community

I'd like to update webkit & cog browser to see if I can solve the lagging webui using the official pi display (as mentioned here: https://github.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-os/issues/328).

If I got this right, the used buildroot version (2021.11) is not supported anymore - new webkit and cog versions are available in newer buildroot releases. Upldating buildroot seems to be complicated - so I first tried to build the current version before i change the buildroot version.

Hifiberry:I've got two questions:

- Are there any plans to update to a newer Buildroot Version?

- My azure VM with 32GB memory failed to build the current release (I ran the build only for rpi 4 and the build broke due to lack of memory) - what hardware config do you use for running the build?



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