Adding external I2S ADC to Beocreate 4CA

Hi, I’m currently using Beocreate, but I want to add an ADC in order to listen to my vinyls. So I ordered an ADC module which has I2S output and connected it to the according pins on the extension connector (P3) - DSP MCLK - ADC MCLK DSP BCLK OUT2 - ADC BCLK DSP LRCLK OUT2 - ADC LRCLK DSP SDATA IN2 - ADC SDATA My understanding is that this way I have connected directly to the DSP and should be able to do the RIAA equilization inside the DSP. On the other hand I would like to have the ADC as analog only input. My questions are: 1. Can I add an analog input in “Sources”? If yes - how? 2. Can I add an option to trigger the RIAA EQ in the “Analog input”? Excuse me, if my questions sound a bit lame. I am fairly new to the topic. Kind Regards :)


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