The right channel is louder than the left.

I am using DAC2 HD and DSP on Raspberry Pi 4 with the latest version of HiFiBerry (20230404).

I noticed that according to the volume indicator on the amplifier, the left channel plays about 3-5 times quieter. I have to adjust the balance towards the left channel by 80-90% to achieve the correct stereo.

Also, the sound from the left channel sounds worse, more muffled, as if it lacks high frequencies.

It's definitely not the fault of the amplifier - other sound sources sound correctly on it.

What I've tried (nothing helped):

  • Changed the cable
  • Removed DSP
  • Reconnected the DAC2 board
  • Tried other amplifier inputs
  • Checked sound balance settings in HiFiBerryOS
  • Checked DAC board for any visible defects


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