hifiberry preamp: third output for DAC2 PRO XLR?

Many people by streaming preamps for use with active speakers nowadays. With room correction, if available, even. I’ve been considering one of the minidsp products. But Hifiberry, especially with XLR outs and dsp would be almost perfect for this use case since you can also store audio locally or usb drive or stream it in using shairport etc. 

Especially if there was a subwoofer out. It seems to me DAC 2 PRO has pins where you could just solder additional RCA out. But from photos it seems this is left out in the XLR version? And, it would need to be separate device since many subwoofers have a mono (RCA) input that expects a signal with lower frequencies only, which I presume could be done with hifiberry dsp as well? Or maybe it’d be better to build that part in, I have no idea…


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