HiFiBerry OS: Local browser lags on scrolling (100% CPU)

Hello community,

I am facing the problem, that the local cog browser is consuming 100% cpu on scrolling through the artists and the interface is lagging heavily. If I stop scrolling, the CPU is returning to normal level. When accessiing hifiberry os through the webinterface from another device (pc, phone), everithing works fine.

The high cpu causing process is WPEWebProcess.

I am using RPI 4 and the official 7" touch display.

the local installed cog browser is at version 0.10.1 (from Sep 10, 2021):

# cog --version
0.10.1 (WPE WebKit 2.32.4)

I've already tried some command line switches (e.g. --enable-smooth-scrolling=0) with no success.

I know that this is an experimental feature, but do you have an idea how to workaround this problem?

- or is there a easy way to renew cog / webkit without building a whole new image using buildroot?


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