DAC+ ADC Reading in Audio Input

I'm using the normal DAC+ ADC and am attempting to read in audio input. I am also trying to use an Adafruit 32x32 LED matrix at the same time. Because of this, I have a few questions to ask in regard to the GPIO pins. 

1. The 32x32 LED matrix library I am using also requires the use of pin 12 (GPIO 18) for their OE (Output Enable) connection. If I am correct, this essentially switches the LEDs off when transitioning from one row to the next. Can this still be used at the same time with the DAC+ ADC?

2. When reading in the audio, which GPIO pin would we read to gather data about the audio? In my previous experiences with other DAC/ADCs, I understood the data as looking at a voltage value. Would this still be the case here?


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