DAC+ ADC Audio Visualizer

Hello, I am very new to using the DAC+ ADC, but I did see that it seemed like a fitting choice for the type of project I am planning to create. 

I want to try and create an audio visualizer with this, and I have a 32x32 RGB addressable LED matrix. In order to use this while the DAC+ ADC is seated onto the Raspberry Pi 4B I have, I do think I will need to solder a 40 pin mount onto it. However, I do have a question.

I found this link in an earlier post someone else had about accessing audio data. https://www.alsa-project.org/wiki/Tutorials_and_Presentations However, this implementation uses C/C++ I believe. Is there a way I can access the data using Python? And if so, which libraries should I look into using?


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