DAC + DSP Unknown profile lock


I have been using DAC + DSP with my RPI 3B on HifiberryOS and was able to setup it as needed. However after 2023 update I have non-working DSP program somehow locked on EEPROM and nothing helps to remove it. I tried reboots, reinstalls, jumper stuff, other distro like Volumio or Moode, rollback to previous version, installing tens of different profiles ending up with the same unknown profile and not being able to store settings again. Checksum of that locked profile is: 30F8E2E60F9359A7862E69CCFE9A2FD6. I have spent last days trying to resolve it and nothing happens - do you have any clue what could be wrong? I checked different power adapters, 2 sd cards, nothing has changed. Is there any other way to clear EEPROM?


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