Known limitations

There are some limitations of the Raspberry Pi/HiFiBerry platform. Some of them are caused by design decisions of software developers while the root cause of others is still unknown.
We support software developers to find and fix the problems as much as possible. If you are a developer and you or your users experience any issues with our hardware, please contact us and let us know how we can help.


  • 192kHz playback in SPDIF is officially not supported over TOSLink (due to bandwidth limitations of TOSLink). While this might work in many cases, we can't guarantee it. 
  • HiFiBerry Digi+ Transformer should only be used with DACs or receivers where ground on the SPDIF input is connected to the device ground. Otherwise you might experience signal drops, especially at higher sample rates.
  • The DAC+ Pro onboard oscillators can interfere with onboard WLAN. Selecting a different WiFi channel usually fixes this problem. 

Music playback

  • HiFiBerry Amp+ only supports sample rates of 44.1 and 48kHz. While this isn't a problem for music playbacks, some web radio stations use low-quality streams with lower sample rates. These streams can't be played without up-sampling them to a supported sample rate.

Video playback

  • Dolby Digital Passthrough on the HiFiBerry Digi+ in Kodi isn't working with some receivers. 
  • Youtube video sound isn't working with some videos
  • omxplayer does not support ALSA sound output at all, therefore omxplayer can't output sound on any HiFiBerry sound card
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    Ard van der Leeuw

    HifiBerry AMP+ is NOT playing 48kHz playback anymore when using kernel 4.9.21