A streaming media player with 4 line LCD and infrared receiver

Our customer Carlo has created this nice enclosure for his HiFiBerry DAC+

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    Nice stuff!

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    nice can you sold it ?

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    Carlo Moise

    Dear Walter, I can send youtube alla the project, configuration and source... but I never sell my baby :-) It sounds so heavenly

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    Carlo Moise

    My phone in crazy... I can send you all the project and source code....

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    Vero nice project. I'm trying to do something of similar with Digi+ and Osmc but I've a lot of problems with the lcd. Could you share some information about your project or write a tutorial, please?

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    Very nice project ..... Automatic correction of the mobile.....

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    Carlo Moise

    What kind of lcd do u use for your project? The correct library is the first step. I can help you with python programming language...

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    Polyvios Moukoulis

    Hi! That project is AWESOME!!!!!!
    Is it possible to give us more information? It looks exactly with what I have on my mind. Although I will use my Digipi+. I have a lot of questions!
    1. What image are you using?
    2. Was it easy to configure the IR receiver?
    3. How did you implement the power button?
    4. What is the purpose of the white ribbon cable and what is the gray PCB?
    5. Can you provide a parts list with links please? Especially for the LCD screen and the enclosure


    PS. Excellent music taste! Ray Lynch is magnificent!

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    Carlo Moise

    Hi! I'm going to answer your questions :
    1 the image I used is debian.

    2 to configure the IR receiver you must use LIRC and a simple remote control with the same frequency.

    3 the power button is connected to a microcontroller. This is useful to start the boot and to be sure the raspberry has completed the shut down, then the relay can remove the power supply from the Pi (Genius :-))

    4 White ribbon connect the raspberry to the customized pcb where there are the hifi berry connections, lcd signals, the microntroller and the necessary components.
    5 I bought the lcd on amazon and the enclosure in Italy.
    If you need more information, the program source for microcontroller and to manage the player, pcb scheme and more, please write me a private e-mail
    Ciao! Carlo.

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    Hi Carlo,
    At first excellent job! I'd like to have more info about the wiring connections, the power supply (do you split it for RPi and DAC?), and how to connect LCD to the DAC GPIO (and how to tie it to the case...). I try to send you an e-mail to the above address without success .