HiFiBerry installer

The HiFiBerry installer is a small tool that makes it easy even for beginners to install your HiFiBerry card. The HiFiBerry installer not only helps you to write an software image to an SD card, but also configures it for your HiFiBerry sound card. That means you do not have to edit configuration files, just write the SD card and you’re have a system with the necessary drivers already installed.

You can download the software here:

Windows_logo_-_2012.svg Osx-mavericks-logo
Windows Mac

Just download the file for your platform and run it. There is no need to install the software. On Windows, please select “Run as administrator” as the software wouldn’t be able to write the the SD card otherwise. We won’t install any software on your PC. The installer downloads your selected distribution from our server, configures it for your HiFiBerry card and writes it to an SD card.

You found a problem – please report it here. You love the software? We would also like to hear this. You have an idea how to improve it? Let us know!

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  • Avatar
    Aleksander Bondarenko
    Installer doesn't work in Mac with El Capitan OS because it is not installed via AppStore!
  • Avatar
    HiFiBerry team
    Go to "Preferences" / "Security & Privacy" / "General" and enable "Allow apps downloaded from Anywhere"
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    Hi !
    Download link for windows works, but my download always fails to complete. Is file corrupted on server ?
    Mac download works, but I do not own a mac...

  • Avatar
    Francis Barban

    same issue on PC error "unable to extract linux distribution...please ensure you have enought file not enought disk space available to unpack archive". My SD card is empty.

  • Avatar
    Francis Barban

    any downloading image for RPI3/ DAC+PRO available?

  • Avatar
    Dan Herrmann

    I'm having the exact same problem as Francis. Windows 10 PC, 32Gb SD card. Please help.

  • Avatar
    Mitya Cohen

    Me too. 32GB SD, formatted with FAT32. Trying to run the installation from OS X Sierra. Error message is "Failed to install Linux to SD-card". Drives me mad.

  • Avatar
    Frank Gregor 


    I just downloaded the installer for macOS and configured my image (Raspbian Lite & Raspberry Pi 3 & DAC+). But every time I get an error:

    "Failed to apply hardware patch to disk image. Please contact HiFiBerry for support"

    So, here I am. What's going wrong here? Console log doesn't show anything.

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    George Brooke

    I have a similar problem trying to download for a DAC + install. The picoplayer download worked fine. But the Linux download failed too. I tried a smaller download and it failed, but I also received a message "Failed to apply hardware patch to disk image. Contact HiFiBerry for support".
    So, here I am....any ideas. I am using an empty 16GB card.