Connecting power supply and speakers

The HiFiBerry Amp+ will be mounted on top of the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi will be powered by the Amp. It is not allowed to connect 5V to the Micro-USB port of the Raspberry Pi. Power supply is only one external 12-18V power supply that will be connected directly to the HiFiBerry Amp. Check out the connection diagram below.

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    Peter van Mil

    What power is required (Watt/Ampere)?

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    Andrew Williams


    I have a Pi3 with the official 7" touchscreen, 128G USB stick and a HiFiBerry Amp+.

    However I seem to be having power issues.

    I'm running Openelec kodi and quite frequently I get the multi coloured square on the top right of the touchscreen and then the Pi reboots.

    Looking at the touchscreen power requirements it indicates that a 5v 2amp supply is needed for the pi and the touchscreen.

    I have plugged in a 12v 3.3amp supply into the HifiBerry Amp+ should this be enough ?