Assemble the HiFiBerry case

Step 1: Unpack it


Step 2: Select the right side part

The package contains 7 parts. You only need 6 of them. There are 2 different side parts: one for the HiFiBerry DAC+ and one for the Digi+. Select the side that fits your board.


Step 3: Remove the protection film

This is a very important step! To protect the acrylic material from scratches during transportation, there is a protection film on both sides of all parts. You need to peel it of before assembling the case. Otherwise the parts might not fit and break.


Step 4: Put the Raspberry Pi onto the base plate



Step 5: Add the long side parts


Add the sides and make sure they snap into the base plate.

Step 6: Add the small side parts


Step 7: Add top plate

Snap the top plate into one side part and make sure the side parts snap right into the cut-outs of the top part.



Step 8: Snap into the other side

With slight pressure on the top plate, you can now snap the to part into the cut-out of the side part.



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